Puerto Viejo Express Tour

What will we do?

This tour is for you if you have a few short days in Puerto Viejo. You are looking for a private (awesome and helpful!) guide to show you the best nature spots in Costa Rica.  This adventure offers the Caribbean´s best in a day tour.

Note: This is an EXPRESS tour. We will see a few beautiful sites, and will be on the go. This tour is best for people who are in reasonable shape. You love to hike, swim, and see off the beaten path natural wonders. 

We will pick you up in the morning near Playa Cocles. That’s about 2km south of Puerto Viejo Center. You will have a private car and driver for the day. After we have the chance to meet, we will go to Cahuita National Park. Here, you will explore the exotic wildlife and famous tropical beaches. Once finished in Cahuita, the adventure continues to the BriBri Waterfalls. These falls are some of the most beautiful Central America has to offer. Enjoy a refreshing swim, stunning photos, and a hike through the jungle. Next, enjoy lunch at a local Caribbean spot (included!), and journey to visit either Playa Cocles or Punta Uva. We finish the evening with a fire and appetizer on the beach.

Where will we be?

Cahuita National Park is recognized globally as one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse national parks in the world

BriBri Waterfalls are The hidden gem of this region. And you can only get there by knowing someone who knows how to get there. We’ve got you! :) (Typical Caribbean!)

Playa Cocles or Punta Uva - both beaches have been recognized for their stunning jungle to sea beauty. Watch out for falling coconuts!


Meet your guide, David...

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I am an adventurer, nature lover, surfer, and professional climber from Spain. I fell in love with the natural beauty and freedom lifestyle of Puerto Viejo, and it is my passion to share this beautiful place with others. Being in nature is an essential part of my own inner peace practice.

My work is to provide you with an unforgettable experience of Puerto Viejo, and I want to offer the experience to you through the eyes and heart of a professional adventurer. I am looking to meet people from all around the world to show off my home and stand with you as we go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Make sure you don't miss the best of the area or waste any of your precious limited time.

This tour is designed to show you the best off-the-beaten path natural phenomenon in a day. $120 per person, and we have a 2 person minimum for your exclusive, private adventure tour.